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By March 30, 2016 Uncategorised

By Far The Best Adventure Holiday Video So Far!

Join in on the action as we wake up (on Day 3) to a freshly prepared breakfast banquet on the balcony at Dolce Villa.

Starting the day with perfect weather and a dive up at the shipwrecks. We followed this up with a toboggan session in “The Desert”.

The mixture of good sunshine, fresh ocean water and adrenaline filled fun on the dunes made for an amazing 3rd day on this active holiday!

Sunsetting over the ocean, we were headed for the shoreline to participate in the traditional finale’ – something we have incorporated to each of our adventures and definitely makes for a memorable experience. A lovely way to wrap up the Fitness Adventure Holidays!

The finale’ was our send-off! All had a message to burn and a wish to send off into the skies – we released our flying lanterns (biodegradable and no nasty parts of course) into the sky and settled in for a few cocktails by the fire.

The most beautiful bunch of people, in the most beautiful place on earth!

Awesome Time Had By ALL!

Stay tunde for our last day of fun and adventure as we say goodbye to Moreton Island and the natural playground that it is…. Day 4 is coming soon!