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By April 7, 2016 Uncategorised

Our Beach Holiday Tour comes to a close on day four at Tangalooma Island Resort. But, not without some last minute adrenaline rushes and adventures!

We start the day with our beautifully cooked breakfast by “Super-Chef-Extraordinaire” Joshua Law! Followed by a stroll down the 285 steps to the Tanga Tours Office, where we wait to be strapped into a harness, clipped to a parachute and launched 150m into the air behind a small-sized speed boat… No big deal 🙂

From the sky, you can spot turtles, dugong, dolphins, schools of fish & a unique perspective of this tropical island paradise!
Honestly, the day couldn’t start any better!

We decide to spend our final hours on the island with snacks, refreshments and bikinis/boardshorts on – down by the shipwrecks for one last dive and splash.

The visibility beneath the surface of the water was so clear, we spotted sting-rays, wobbegong, turtles and massive schools of reef fish. Close to the best conditions for diving you can get – this was the ultimate way to spend our last day at Tangs!

Yours in Good Health & Adventure,
The afa.tours crew!