What We Do…

AUSTRALIAN FITNESS ADVENTURES run tours for the outgoing lovers of life! We custom build each escape, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience combining the perfect balance of both FITNESS & LEISURE.

Our daily dose of fitness activities, delicious healthy food, deluxe accommodation & social events are the perfect healthy holiday combo!  Our tours vary in duration, from weekend getaways, 4 day escapes and weeklong adventures to some of the most amazing locations Australia has to offer.

Why We Do It…

Waking up early, doing yoga whilst the sunrises, eating clean/healthy food each day, outdoor circuit training, snorkeling beautiful reefs, parasailing, exploring hidden rainforests, beach bon fires, zip lining through jungle canopies, relaxing under a palm tree and much more… This is the flavor of a perfect escape!!

Improve your health and fitness, try new things and make lots of new friends. All of our holidays are personalized and all activities are optional so you can be as active as you like.  If you are an absolute beginner looking for a “kick-start” to your fitness, or the fitness enthusiast looking for more of a challenge, these tours are for you.  

We were built from a desire to discover the best experiences and enjoy them with the best people we possibly could! With a passion for health, fitness & adventure, we aim to create the most amazing holidays and share them with groups of like-minded travellers.

The holiday experience is designed to provide people with the perfect balance. A great way to meet new people, accomplish great things, improve your health and return home less stressed and more relaxed than before.